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Heeseung & Jay & Ni-ki

Heeseung is the oldest member of the group. He had the longest training time prior to I-LAND. He was a HYBE trainee during the time TXT was getting ready to debut and trained with them. Unfortunately, he didn’t debut with TXT but he used that as inspiration to debut when he was participating in I-LAND. Heeseung was considered an ‘ace’ in I-LAND because he had the perfect trifecta: visual, vocal, and dance skills.

Jay is one of the goofy ones in the group. He is the only member that was born in the United States; thus, he can speak English fluently. Born in Seattle, Washington, Jay is the son of James Park, the president of Sinar Tour. He was known for his memorable quote during the I-LAND show: R.A.S (resentment, anger, and shame).

Ni-ki is the youngest member of ENHYPEN. He was born and raised in Japan and started dancing from a very young age. He showed his strong dancing skills from the very beginning and was known for memorizing choreographies very quickly. He was a back-up dancer for Shinee. His final ranking in I-LAND was #4.

Enhypen Merch

Jake & Sunghoon

Apart from Jay, Jake is also a native English speaker. He was born in South Korea but was raised in Australia. He is the only member that that joined I-LAND through open auditions. He is very passionate but also clumsy. He ranked #3 in I-LAND.

Sunghoon was a professional figure skater prior to becoming an idol. He practiced ice skating for 10 years and won several competitions before joining I-LAND. He is known as the ice prince, penguin, and ice boy. Sunghoon was voted as the most handsome member from I-LAND.

Sunoo & Jungwon

Sunoo was one of the most popular members in I-LAND. He was a fan-favorite and ranked #1 during several rounds of voting in I-LAND. He has a very delicate health. He talked about having health issues when younger while he was on I-LAND. Sunoo is known for his strong vocals and his very cheerful personality.

Jungwon is the leader of ENHYPEN. He was considered the secret ‘ace’ of the group because of his talents in singing, dancing, and his visuals. He was raised by his grandmother and competed in Taekwondo for four years. He ranked #1 in the I-LAND finale.

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